Wreaths and Reeds

Additional products offered by Zuwi Dekoracje are Christmas wreaths and Easter decorations.

Christmas wreaths in our offer

In addition to Christmas decorations, such as a Christmas tree and a garland, we can see Christmas wreaths more and more often on our front door. Thanks to them, we can transfer our home warm atmosphere of Christmas also outside.
In addition, an increasing trend is to decorate their homes so that they inspire admiration not only of neighbors, but also people returning from their families during the holiday season.

Easter decorations

Not only for Christmas, you can see Christmas decorations in our homes. Also for us, Easter is the time we spend with our family. In the Zuwi offer we have a wide range of Easter decorations that will entertain your loved ones at the table with you and ensure the charm of those holidays.

All the saints.

During all the saints, together with our family, we remember people close to us who, unfortunately, are no longer with us. The Zuwi company offers reeds made of artificial flowers intended for decorating graves in that period. Our decorations are made of the best components, thanks to which their durability is pleasing to the eye for a long time.

Zuwi Decorations

We are a manufacturer of decorations for Christmas, Easter and All Saints. Please contact us for wholesale orders.