Artificial Christmas garlands

If you’re looking to add more festive mood to your home, garlands are a great way to create a fuller, more cheerful look on fireplaces, porches, stairs, and more. You can buy our garlands from our distributors or online. There are many different types to choose from, some clean to embellish or with toppings like mountain ash, and some with snowstorms.

Garlands – a new trend in home decorating

Throughout history, Christmas garlands have been handcrafted from fresh cut branches, holly, paper and even popcorn. But nowadays, most of us buy artificial and ready-made garlands.

Which garlands to choose?

The answer largely depends on how and where you want to hang it, as well as your personal stylistic preferences.

Before shopping, measure the place you plan to decorate with a garland. Make sure you can mount it so that the garland can hang or wrap around objects such as posts or railings.

Once you’ve chosen your Christmas garland and taken it home, unfold any flattened branches. If it has lights, test them before hanging the garland.

After Christmas, place the garland in a bag or a large plastic basket where it can lie flat and not be crushed by other objects. All this to make the garland look beautiful and festive for the next Christmas.