Diamond pine

The diamond Christmas tree has such a name for a reason. Dense, covered with delicate artificial snow and ice, it has a unique character and a winter glow. It realistically imitates natural pine, and decorated with lights and baubles is an unforgettable decoration of Christmas evenings. Choose our beautiful Christmas tree – pine the diamond on the trunk or on the stand is already waiting for you to take it to you for Christmas!

Diamond Pine is a beautiful, durable and practical Christmas tree

An artificial Christmas tree made of high-quality materials in the form of an imitation of real pine. You can choose from diamond pine in various sizes – in the height of 120-300 cm and containing from 184 to 1278 tips. It was enriched with artificial snow with the spraying method, still at the stage of needle production.

A charming, spreading, artificial Christmas tree sprinkled with snow – on a trunk or on a stand

It looks very beautiful, it is dense and spread out. Artificial snow and ice gently reflect the light, which creates a great effect in combination with Christmas lights. It fits perfectly into any type of arrangement – it can be used to decorate rooms at home, in a company or in a commercial space. The materials from which they are made are very durable and the Christmas tree will serve for many festive seasons. In addition, it is very light, easy to fold and store in anticipation of the next holidays.

Sample prices of our Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees

Diamond Pine Premium Mega

110,00 199,00 

Artificial Christmas trees

Diamond Pine

110,00 199,00 

Diamond pine – the most important advantages

Why is it worth choosing an artificial Christmas tree in the form of a diamond pine? Look:

  • the Christmas tree is factory-decorated with snow and ice – you don’t have to do it yourself,
  • the Christmas tree looks beautiful and will work in any arrangement,
  • the tree is light, easy to unfold and fold, so it does not take up much space,
  • the Christmas tree is very durable and will serve for many seasons,
  • an artificial Christmas tree is ecological – you do not have to buy a new one every year, and all the materials from which it was made are susceptible to recycling.

Diamond pine from our store is a great choice if you need a Christmas tree that evokes that unique winter festive mood. Even if there is no snow outside your window or you spend your holidays in a different climate zone, it will bring this unique, winter atmosphere of Christmas into your home. 

Order it retail or buy it wholesale from as little as 10 pieces! 

Is it the best artificial Christmas tree – diamond pine?

The Christmas tree is primarily characterized by its original shape. Moreover, artificial diamond pine it is very dense and does not require a lot of ornaments. Contrary to cheaper Christmas trees, it has different branch ends that give a unique effect. On the branches of the Christmas tree there is a silver-white mass with particles that sparkle in the light of Christmas lights.

The Christmas tree has been thickened with additional twigs, which makes it very dense!

The tree is enriched with frosted branches imitating natural snow, covered with sparkling crystals.

Folding and unfolding an artificial Christmas tree – diamond pine

Artificial Christmas trees are designed to be easy to fold and unfold. We recommend that you arrange the branches of the tree as soon as you install a certain part of the Christmas tree. This method is practical in the first place and allows you to control the appearance of the Christmas tree at every stage of the assembly.

We send the tree in a sturdy cardboard box that can be stored.

Why is it worth buying an artificial Christmas tree such as diamond pine from our store?

As the holiday season approaches, many families have the same debate: real or artificial Christmas tree – which one is better? It’s an age-old question, and with so many great options for both types on the market, it’s not an easy decision to make.

Both real and artificial Christmas trees have their pros and cons. Real trees have a scent that some people crave (for those who crave this scent at home and have artificial trees, we recommend Pine Essential Oil for a Candle Fireplace, which you can buy online), while artificial trees can be reused multiple times by years. The list goes on.

If you are stuck with the decision in place, it makes sense to learn more about the different types of artificial Christmas trees available and their advantages and disadvantages so you can make the right choice for yourself and your family.

A wide group of satisfied customers – diamond pine is a unique artificial Christmas tree!

Many families use artificial Christmas trees each year to decorate their homes for Christmas. Not only can you reuse the same Christmas tree for many years, it is also much easier to care for at home displays. Some of the significant advantages of artificial Christmas trees like ours diamond pine is:

  • Reuse

If you’re on a budget, the difference in price between an artificial tree and a real tree can make the difference for you. While an artificial tree is usually a bit more expensive than the real one, it has a much longer lifespan, taking the value well beyond one holiday season. All our artificial Christmas trees are covered by a several-year warranty.

  • Easy to maintain

Real Christmas trees are decorations that require a lot of maintenance. Not only do they need to be watered regularly, you also need to sweep the area around them frequently, and branches may need to be trimmed. The artificial tree does not require any maintenance. You may need to dust it initially after setting it up, but once you do, the tree looks just as gorgeous every Christmas as it was the day it was purchased.

  • Easily configurable

When you go out to pick a real tree, you are limited to what is in stock. However, with an artificial tree, there are endless variations and customization options. You can choose a tree that reflects your taste and style, including everything from contemporary black Christmas trees to mesmerizing Christmas trees such as diamond pine.

  • Security

Having a real tree in your home wrapped in lights can be a fire hazard. All our artificial trees are flame retardant, which offers some safety benefits for families concerned about fire hazards.

On the other hand, some of the biggest disadvantages of an artificial tree are:

  • No natural smell

Unfortunately, artificial trees will not smell like real trees because they do not give off any smell. However, once you have set your decorations and the mulled wine is on the plate, you will not be bothered by the artificial Christmas tree. You can also, as we mentioned before, purchase home fragrances with the scent of pine.

  • Higher initial cost

Typically, the cost of purchasing a tree is a bit higher, so it can be difficult for some people if you look at it for immediate cost. However, in terms of value in the future, an artificial tree provides a much higher profitability of purchase.

  • Trouble with storage

Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to unfold and fold, and to store an artificial tree, especially the first time. However, the first time you do this, you start to get it, and it’s a simple process, especially if you have a cardboard box or a Christmas tree bag.

Are you sure you want to buy an artificial Christmas tree? Diamond pine – YES!

If the thought of buying an artificial Christmas tree makes you feel like a Grinch (Christmas with an artificial Christmas tree does not have to be spoiled!), Consider the benefits of having one:

  • you will save money,
  • you don’t have to buy a new tree year after year,
  • you don’t have to remember to water.

To top it all off, there is not much cleaning up – dusting pine needles, including long after the holidays are over (especially from the carpet and under the furniture). Additionally, the holiday season with an artificial tree can be extended, because the tree does not dry out.

When to replace your old artificial tree with a new one?

Do you think you need to replace your artificial tree already? If large sections sway, if she sheds artificial needles, or if she just doesn’t look as full and ‘healthy’ as it used to be, then it might be time to invest in another model. Choose ours diamond pine or browse through other categories of artificial trees.

Installation and presentation of artificial Christmas trees