Artificially snowed Christmas trees

Christmas trees covered with artificial snow help to maintain the typical winter character of Christmas. Even if the weather outside does not indicate it – and this has happened more than once in recent years. If we especially want to emphasize this visual aspect of Christmas, it is worth getting artificially snowed Christmas trees.

Christmas tree covered with artificial snow.

The artificial snow-covered tree looks just like the others, but is additionally enriched with the snow-covered effect. Depending on the model, the snow can cover only the tips of the needles, the entire needles up to a certain length of the branches, or make the entire Christmas tree white or silver. This creates an amazing effect and gives the Christmas tree a different, beautiful look. Artificial snow-covered Christmas tree fits perfectly with decorations – natural cones, baubles, chains or lights. It can also be placed outside, as a decoration of the entrance to our company or home. The artificial snow is covered with the spraying method, at the stage of creating needles made of PE or PVC. Generally, two types of artificial snow are used – Chinese, which has no glue, and American, which already has glue in it. The latter is much easier to apply, and the effect is more durable. Additionally, the American artificial snow has a non-flammability certificate.

Prices for snow-covered Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees

Snow-covered Christmas Tree

127,50 335,00 

Artificial Christmas trees

Snow-covered pine

198,00 441,00 

Artificial Christmas trees


121,00 402,00 

What is an artificial snow-covered Christmas tree characterized by?

Artificial snow-covered Christmas trees are more and more often chosen by customers. This proves the high quality of such a product and its advantages. Why is it worth buying a Christmas tree with artificial snow?

Artificial snow is on the Christmas tree at the factory.

An artificial snow-covered Christmas tree is a stylistically coherent design. Snow coverage is even and well thought out. Although you can theoretically do it yourself – buying artificial snow – you cannot always be sure of the effect. There is no such risk if we choose a product from the store. Especially one from the premium category.

Artificial snow deepens the glow of the Christmas tree

The tree decorated in this way looks more natural and adds to the aforementioned winter atmosphere when the aura is not good during the holidays. The effect is very clear, and the white or silver color perfectly matches the glow of Christmas tree lights. A Christmas tree with artificial snow, enriched with artificial ice, looks even better.

It is durable, practical, ecological and safe

Snow-covered artificial Christmas trees retain all the advantages of green artificial Christmas trees. The materials used ensure durability for many years. They are not susceptible to collecting dust or moisture, and they do not get dirty so easily. There is no question of needles falling off or a needle stick hazard. They are very easy to disassemble and fold, and they do not require as much cleaning as is the case with real Christmas trees. Such trees, when they are used up, can be fully recycled.

What types of snow-covered Christmas trees are there?

If we are looking for an artificial snow-covered Christmas tree for ourselves, we can choose from various parameters:

  • artificial Christmas trees are of different heights,
  • you can choose models with different branch density, needle length,
  • we can choose an imitation of fir, pine, spruce or even thuja,
  • various stylistic forms of artificial snow cover are available,
  • the Christmas tree can be enriched with particles of artificial ice,
  • both artificial snow and ice do not have to be white or silver at all – on customers’ request it is possible to cover it with snow in other colors, e.g. red or gold,
  • Christmas trees come in various sets – with lights, baubles, wreaths, figurines or stars.

At the request of customers, it is also possible to purchase artificial snow, ice or glitter. It is also possible to obtain snow-covered wreaths or Christmas centerpieces, based on artificial PVC or PE twigs.

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