Artificial Christmas trees tips

Today, artificial Christmas trees are not unusual. In the sense that it’s a very popular Christmas ornament. However, they cannot be denied extraordinary because of how beautiful they look, how practical they are and how good an investment they are for many, many holiday seasons.

Types of artificial Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees can be divided according to the materials used, width or the presence of aesthetic accessories:

  • wide artificial Christmas trees,
  • narrow artificial Christmas trees,
  • dense artificial Christmas trees,
  • artificial Christmas trees on a trunk,
  • artificial snow-covered Christmas trees and Christmas trees with accessories.

The division is not strict, because we can choose a dense Christmas tree on a stand, wide on a trunk or narrow, covered with artificial snow. The choice is really wide.

Which Christmas tree should you choose for yourself?

The answer seems obvious – let’s choose the one we like best. Aesthetics is of course an important criterion, but apart from that, we have to take into account several aspects when choosing the right artificial Christmas tree for ourselves.

  1. Budget – we need to determine how much we are able to spend on the Christmas tree. Its price is influenced by the size, height, the number of accessories or the lack of them, as well as the materials used. It is known that a taller or artificially snowed Christmas tree will be more expensive. The ones made of PVC or the string Christmas tree are cheaper, while those made of PE are more expensive, but very dense, durable and the most natural-looking.
  2. The height and spread of shoots – we need to know what size a Christmas tree we can afford at home. For this purpose, it is good to measure the height of the target room. Of course, a floor-to-ceiling Christmas tree looks best. This is not always a good idea – if only because of the presence of small children or pets. Perhaps a smaller Christmas tree would be a better idea, but on a platform. Some people decide to have a Christmas tree in a pot. The density and spread of the branches are also important. If you plan to put the Christmas tree in the corner – it’s better to choose the narrow one. The wide one, in turn, will be better suited to a spacious living room.

The place where we want to put them – will the same Christmas tree work well at home, in the office or in the company? For example, in a restaurant or in a SPA salon. To zależy od wielkości lokalu, a także tego jak spory ruch tam panuje. Of course, you shouldn’t insulate your Christmas tree from your customers. However, you can adjust its size and width to the above factors.

Sample prices of our Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees

Diamond Spruce

103,00 229,00 

Artificial Christmas trees

Diamond Cones + Rowan

108,00 320,00 

Why is it worth choosing artificial Christmas trees?

It is true that a live Christmas tree has a lot of charm. After all, it is a real tree that gives the traditional atmosphere to Christmas. In addition, it smells beautiful and looks 100% natural. So why should we choose a Christmas tree made of plastic? It turns out that there are at least several reasons.

  1. The artificial Christmas tree looks as beautiful as the real one. It has the right proportions and shape. This way, there is no fear that the Christmas tree will look random or that the branches will spread unevenly – which is the case with real Christmas trees. We have a wide selection of models, depending on the needs and housing possibilities. Some of the Christmas trees are additionally decorated with artificial snow or ice, and even have natural accessories. Just like real pine cones.
  2. An artificial Christmas tree is a practical solution. It can be easily unfolded, then folded and stowed away. As it is resin-free, it doesn’t attract as much dust. It is quite easy to clean and it is even more pleasant to decorate. Falling needles stick to the carpet and make the Christmas tree less attractive over time. Artificial Christmas tree needles do not fall off, do not lose their aesthetics and are safe.
  3. Yes, an artificial Christmas tree is also a guarantee of safety. Why? You don’t have to worry that the needles may prick, especially on your baby’s delicate skin. There is also no risk of fire that could happen if real wood comes into contact with electric lights or candles nearby.
  4. The materials from which the artificial Christmas tree is made are safe for the environment. They are fully recyclable and – due to their durability – can be used for many years. Whereas a real Christmas tree is basically disposable. The only thing you can do with it is burn it.
  5. Artificial Christmas trees, due to their practical construction and functionality, provide more possibilities when it comes to applications. After all, we can decorate the main room in the house with it, but also place it in a company, in a commercial or gastronomic space. We can also put it outside, as long as there is no risk of snow covering it.
  6. Artificial Christmas trees can also be purchased with decorations. In this way, we obtain a visually consistent concept and we do not have to worry about too many or little decorations. The only pleasure left is to decorate the Christmas tree just before Christmas.

Installation of an artificial Christmas tree at home

Once we choose our favorite artificial Christmas tree and buy it, there is still the matter of assembling it. One of the main advantages of artificial Christmas trees is that the branches become dense and evenly distributed. However, we must partially take care of this ourselves. What is it about?

Fixing and folding the Christmas tree

First, we open the box and take out all the elements. We put them on the floor. It is worth keeping the box – it will be useful for storing the Christmas tree after Christmas. Then we fasten the stand – if this is what we chose the Christmas tree. Usually this requires 3 – 4 legs to be inserted into the base of the fixture, which is located on the shaft of the Christmas tree. After that, the main tree of the Christmas tree should be assembled in several parts. Generally it’s simple – you just need to slide one element into the other. Then it’s time to unfold the twigs.

Spreading out the Christmas tree for the holidays

Depending on the size and density of the tree, it may take from several minutes to even an hour or two. However, it is worth showing patience and accuracy at this stage – the appearance of the Christmas tree will certainly be a compensation. First, evenly distribute the main branches that come out of the trunk of the Christmas tree. Then the smaller ones. It’s best to break down each branch separately, not in batches. This way we will get the best effect. Once the branches are unfolded, it is worth looking at the Christmas tree from a distance and from different angles. Then we will notice the imperfections and we can correct them.

Self-decomposing artificial Christmas trees

There are also Christmas trees on the market that decompose themselves. The secret is in fastening the branches on the hinges. This makes them decompose much faster and easier and fold up after Christmas. It is enough then to place the Christmas tree on a stand, and the branches will basically fall under the influence of gravity. After Christmas, you should take such a tree out of the stand and turn it over – then it will fold by itself.

Installation and presentation of artificial Christmas trees