Artificial Christmas trees on the trunk

A popular variety of artificial Christmas trees are those set on a trunk. They look even more like a living Christmas tree due to their natural appearance. Although they are not natural themselves, but made of plastics, their features are often better than live Christmas trees.

Types of stump artificial Christmas trees

Trunk artificial Christmas trees come in different types. You can choose, for example:

  • size – both height and diameter, depending on the needs and size of the room,
  • style, shape, density and general distribution of the shoots,
  • color – both in shades of green and silver-plated Christmas trees or with fully white needles,
  • type of tree that imitates a Christmas tree – e.g. fir, spruce, pine and even thuja,
  • type, size and length of the trunk – that is, at what height the shoots begin,
  • built-in accessories and decorations – e.g. artificial snow, ice or real pine cones.

Artificial Christmas trees are also sold in sets with baubles, chains, lights and other decorations. This is an interesting solution that allows you to get a stylistically consistent look of the Christmas tree. The variety of trunk based artificial Christmas trees is very large, so everyone should find something for themselves.

Advantages of stump artificial Christmas trees

A real Christmas tree is, of course, an iconic Christmas ornament. It looks natural, because it’s natural, smells beautiful and adds a unique atmosphere to these few Christmas days. It does not mean, however, that the artificial Christmas tree is worse than it. On the contrary – in some respects it is a more practical, convenient and simply better solution than a live Christmas tree.

Trunk artificial Christmas trees are beautiful

Yes, the artificial Christmas tree looks as good as the real one. Clunky plastic models are a thing of the past decades ago. Today’s artificial Christmas trees very effectively imitate real fir, pine or spruce. They are aesthetically designed and made with attention to detail. They have symmetrical proportions and natural shoots and shapes, which cannot be said about every living tree. Additionally, there are models slightly gold-plated, silver-plated, decorated with artificial snow or ice. There are also those with real, fragrant cones. If the trunk-based artificial Christmas tree is well-made, and especially beautifully decorated, it is sometimes indistinguishable from a live Christmas tree.

A tree on a trunk looks better than on a stand

Among artificial Christmas trees, we distinguish those based on a stand and those on a trunk. For obvious reasons, the latter looks more natural, more “Christmas tree”. There are models with a real impregnated trunk and models with a trunk made of plastic. The design makes the material very faithfully imitate the look of a real tree trunk. Stump models are also generally more durable and practical.

Live Christmas trees have their problems

While the aesthetic and aromatic qualities of a live Christmas tree cannot be denied, it must be admitted that its “handling” can be problematic. The tree is no longer alive and deprived of access to soil and water, it begins to wither. This causes a multitude of needles to fall. Any attempt to move the branches or the entire Christmas tree ends in a shower of dry needles. Being in a heated room does not help either. After a dozen or so days, a real Christmas tree looks much less attractive. In addition, the natural resin, although it smells beautiful, attracts dust. It can also unfortunately be an allergen. It’s also harder to just clean up after a live Christmas tree. The needles sting, stick into the carpet, and the resin itself can also get dirty.

Trunk artificial Christmas trees are practical and durable

It is completely different in the case of an artificial Christmas tree on a trunk. There is no question of needles dropping. The lack of natural resin means that dust accumulates on the Christmas tree to a much lesser extent. The branches are durable and more flexible. Niekiedy „uniosą” więcej ozdób niż naturalne pędy. It is also much easier to clean up the room after Christmas. The artificial Christmas tree can be simply folded and stowed away until the next year. It does not take up much space, and you can choose from various sizes and heights – just right for the size of the room. It is also easier to clean such a Christmas tree. The artificial Christmas tree is lighter, more compact and mobile. It can be easily stored and carried, e.g. when moving house. An artificial Christmas tree on a trunk retains its aesthetic values ​​and shapes for many years. The material from which the needles are made is resistant to UV radiation, and the green or white dyes used keep their color for years. An artificial Christmas tree can stand close to a window or heat sources (e.g. a radiator) without the needles fading or falling off.

Trunk artificial Christmas trees are safe

Artificial Christmas trees are also very safe products. Natural needles, although beautiful, can prick and cause pain in a sensitive child’s hand. Plastic needles also look beautiful, but are completely safe for the skin. If a real Christmas tree comes into contact with electric lights, it can be a potential source of fire. There is no such risk in the case of an artificial Christmas tree, especially made of non-flammable material. Dressing it by children is a lot of fun and it takes place in a safe atmosphere. Exactly as the whole holiday should go. A live Christmas tree requires a solid base so that it does not fall over and cause damage. An artificial tree on a trunk has this aspect already taken care of – for example, set on a rack wrapped in jute, it stands steadily and looks very cute.

They give more possibilities of decoration and applications

Trunk artificial Christmas trees come in various sizes and shapes. Live Christmas trees are often quite unusual, unevenly overgrown. It may have its charm, but not everyone will like it. Due to the fact that the shoots are flexible and solid, it gives many more possibilities for decorating the Christmas tree. The branches bend quite freely, to our taste. You can decorate it with more details and lights, and at the same time – as we mentioned – it is safer and more pleasant. An artificial Christmas tree is also a very universal solution – such a Christmas tree can be used to decorate a family living room, office, commercial premises and even be placed outside. High-quality PE or PVC materials ensure durability and longevity of the artificial Christmas tree.

Prices for stump artificial Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees

Snow-covered Christmas Tree

127,50 335,00 

Artificial Christmas trees

Diamond Falling

92,00 261,00 

Artificial Christmas trees

Diamond Cones + Rowan

108,00 320,00 

Are artificial Christmas trees harmful to the environment?

While in the past artificial Christmas trees were both aesthetic and ecological monsters, today they are not. Both technology has moved forward and awareness of the care for the natural environment has increased. Modern stumped artificial Christmas trees are produced in a non-invasive manner for the environment. They are made of a material that is 100% recyclable, and yet before it is subjected to it, they will serve for years or even decades. Unlike real Christmas trees, which have to be cut down every year and are disposable. All this means that nature does not suffer from the existence of artificial Christmas trees.

Cleaning an artificial Christmas tree on a stump

Is it possible and necessary to clean an artificial Christmas tree on a trunk? Due to the materials used, it is not particularly susceptible to dirt. It does not attract dust as much as a living thing. With time, however, some artificial Christmas trees lose their greenery due to dirt resulting from storage or contact with decorations or other substances. Of course, these high-quality artificial Christmas trees can be cleaned. You can use a brush, brush or a soft cloth. It is good to spray the Christmas tree with water beforehand. It is important that the shoots have time to dry before decorating them. It is also good practice to clean the Christmas tree in this way, before storing it until future holidays. We do not recommend the use of chemical cleaners. They can react with the material and cause harm. Interestingly, you can also clean the decorations themselves – baubles, figurines, stars or candles.

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