Professional manufacturer of Christmas decorations

If you want to find a professional Christmas decoration manufacturer and supplier, ZUWI is your best choice.

We ship our products to Europe, North America and other countries.
Our service deals with production and delivery, starting from the design and ending with shipping.

If you want to sell our products in bulk, please contact us.


Production of holiday decorations.

Ladies and gentlemen.
We are pleased to present a video presenting the production process of artificial Christmas trees in our plant. Putting all my heart into the products we make, we believe that they will provide you with an unforgettable atmosphere in your homes during Christmas.

Our products

Our main products are – Artificial Christmas trees

Our offer includes a wide selection of Christmas trees. We are able to prepare products in accordance with the customer’s specification. W standardzie oferujemy choinki od 120cm do 220cm wysokości. We produce classic Christmas trees as well as on a trunk. Decorated from snowing to additional elements such as cones or mountain ash. 

We are open to our clients’ projects. We can prepare a product for individual orders for our distributors. 

For larger orders, we can brand the products with the distributor’s logo.

Zuwi wholesale warehouse

We offer festive decorations for Christmas, centerpieces for Easter and Christmas. We have a large selection of Christmas decorations. We have our own original projects. We offer favorable prices and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Reeds for All Saints

Take care of the grave of your loved ones. In our offer you will find the best artificial flower reeds. Flower pots for reeds with mustache and needles. We have a wide range of finished products. 
For our distributors, we offer an individual approach and attractive prices.